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Last Updated: 2018-4-19

Common Terms and Conditions

This document outlines any further Terms and Conditions that supplement the standard, Common Terms and Conditions.

Note there may be overlap in some Terms. These do not constitute replacement of Common Terms and Conditions, but rather additions to, and/or clarifications for particular Product-specific scenarios or circumstances.

Supplemental Terms

Company, Service, and Product Names

‘iControlWP’ is a service provided by the U.K.-registered company, ‘Fernleaf Systems Limited’. In this document, these 2 names may be used interchangeably but they refer to the same legal entity: Fernleaf Systems Limited.

Privacy Policy

The full privacy policy for iControlWP is that laid out here. Note, again, that the full and complete privacy policy of iControlWP is the combination of the Common Privacy Policy, and any supplemental policies.

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