WordPress Plugins

All our WordPress plugins that are served from the WordPress.org plugin repository follow their repository rules and plugin guidelines.

In this regard, no data from the WordPress sites which have our plugins installed is sent outside of the site, to anywhere.

Therefore, there is no need for any data privacy policy agreements between our plugin users and ourselves as we don’t have a transfer of data.

All use of our plugins is also subject to GNU GPLv2+ license agreement.


The exception to this is in the case of the Shield Security plugin, where the site administrator hasĀ opted-in explicitly to the collection of anonymous usage data.

This data is anonymous and does not contain any personally identifiable information or data that would allow us to easily identify the website sending the data, or any individuals on that site.

Once the data is received by us, we cannot ever link it back to the source site.

Please note, again, that this data transfer is wholly and explicitly opt-in only. It is never enabled by default.

For Site Owners

Even though there is no agreement between ourselves and the plugin users, as a site owner you will need to clearly communicate how the plugins themselves may, or may not, receive, store, share personal information of your site users/visitors.

An example of this is adding further clarification in your own Cookie and/or Privacy Policies.

For this purpose we have provided some supplements you may freely use to for your own privacy and cookie policies, if you’re using our plugins.

Note: these are provided as-in, with no warranty or guarantee stated or implied. You use these at your own risk andĀ you alone are responsible for its accuracy and applicability to your particular circumstances. We may update these as we change the plugins’ functionality but it is up to you to ensure your policies are accurate and reflect your legal and compliance requirements for your site visitors and users.

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