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Policy Addendum For Plugin: Shield Security

Purpose of this document

This document provides clarity on how this particular WordPress plugin processes and/or stores any personally identifiable information, and also separately details how it uses cookies, when, and for what purpose.

You may freely use this information as a supplement to your own Privacy and Cookies Policies that you provide to your own site users/visitors.

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Note: this addendum is provided as-in, without warranty or guarantee, either stated or implied. You use these at your own risk and you alone are responsible for its accuracy and applicability to your particular circumstances. We may update these as we change the plugins’ functionality but it is up to you to ensure your policies are accurate and reflect your legal and compliance requirements for your site visitors and users.

Plugin: Shield Security for WordPress

Plugin Location: WordPress.org

Last Updated: 2018-05-12


  1. The Shield Security plugin never stores any sensitive, personally identifiable information in any cookie at any time.
  2. The Shield Security plugin does not normally use Cookies for unregistered site visitors. It may however use a cookie to register the closure of the Shield Plugin security badge to prevent repeated display.
    Cookie name: icwp-badgeState
    Cookie lifetime: 1 day
  3. In the case that the Shield Security Plugin needs to redirect a visitor or any request, it may use a cookie to prevent repeated/infinite redirect loops.
    Cookie name: icwp-isredirect
    Cookie lifetime: 7 seconds
  4. For registered/logged-in users, Shield Security plugin uses a cookie to track user sessions and control display of certain in-plugin admin notices.
    Cookie name: wp-icwp-wpsf (was icwp-wpsf)
    Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Data Storage

User Sessions

For logged-in users, the Shield Security plugin stores information on the username, the IP address and the time of last login and last activity.

This information is purged upon logout or data cleanup.

Audit Trail

The Shield Security plugin has an Audit Trail feature that will log the following information:

  • Audit Trail message that may include email addresses.
  • Originating IP address of the request.
  • Logged-in username (where applicable).

For logged-in users this represents information that may be used to locate (by IP address) and identify individuals and their activity on the site.

This information is stored for security purposes by the site administrator.

This data will be retained and then automatically purged from the database after a certain time period, as determined by the site administrator.

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